Civil Works (BOP)

A wind generator's foundation must guarantee the long-term support of the turbine mounted on it. The construction of the foundation is one of the most demanding and difficult tasks in the construction of wind turbines where even the slightest error in the execution might lead project to a fatal ending.

The generator is exposed to rough weather conditions and circumstances that transfer the pressure directly to the foundation. Various types and quantities of high quality concrete and iron are used to therefore for its building.

The team of Varna Green Energy has extensive experience in the building of foundations for wind generators. Currently we have built more than 17 foundations for wind generators with the required quality that meets all European and world standards.



The smooth delivery of the facilities under the project and the execution of the construction and mounting works depend on the quality and accurate building of the working crane sites and access roads to the turbines.

The strict compliance with the high technological requirements to the loading and sustainability of the roads and sites is the key to the successful completion of the project.