• 13:50 - 29 Ноември 2010

    "Unit Group" put into operation a wind farm in the village Prolez

  • 13:50 CET - 21 Dec. 2010

    "Regional use of wind turbines" interview of TV7 with Stanislav Gochev of Varna Green Energy.

  • 13:50 CET - 21 Dec. 2010

    BGVEA said a firm stance against the bill for "Prohibition of RES on agricultural land"

  • 13:50 CET - 21 Dec. 2010

    For successful implementation of its projects, the company opened an office in the town of Shabla, Shabla Municipality against.

  • 13:50 CET - 21 Dec. 2010

    Varna Green Energy officially announced their investment plans to Municipality council of Shabla in the presence of the mayor. Our intentions were adopted heartily by the peoples of Shabla

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